Steps to Become a Vendor

How to become a vendor

Follow the following steps to become an authorised vendor on Afribarn.

STEP 1: On the front page of, click on “Become a Seller” at the top right section.


STEP 2: Choose a plan that best fits your marketplace. You can always change your plan at any time based on your business need.

STEP 3: It will direct you to “APPLY FOR A VENDOR ACCOUNT”. Fill out the form.

A. For non-US sellers, please see below:

  1. For “City” choose your are location e.g., Aba, Garki, Alaba, Ibadan, Ikoyi e.t.c
  2. For “Country”, choose the country you reside
  3. For “State”, type in your state. E.g., Abia, FCT, Lagos, Oyo
  4. For “Zip/postal code” type in 00000

B. For US, UK, Canada and global sellers, please enter your address location.


STEP 4: Check the “I accept the Terms and Conditions” and Submit.

STEP 5: You will get an email notification with a temporary password when approved by Afribarn Admin.

STEP 6: When approved follow the step in the email to change your temporary password

  • Log into and enter your login info and temporary password.
  • It will prompt you to update your password of your choice. Save your new password as you would require it to always log-in into your vendor website.

STEP 7: Add your Company’s logo

  1. Log into your vendor account, click on “Vendors” tab, select your vendor name and select “logos”. This logo will be displayed on your website when customer goes to your page.
  2. Select where your company’s logo in stored. If on your device, select “Local” and chose the logo. Do same for Invoices and click “save”



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