How to add products to your shop

How to add products to your shop

STEP 1: Log into

STEP 2: Go to Products -> Products

STEP 3: Select the “+” sign on the top right to add a product


STEP 4: Fill in the product info and attach the product pictures on the “General” tab. See example below:


4.1: For “Categories”, choose the best category for the product.


4.2: For “Product Variations” choose “Simple Product” for only one type of product and “Configurable product for multiple variations. Example, for small, medium, large, etc. settings

4.3: Add the Product pictures. NB: High quality pictures increase the chances of customers buying your product.


4.4: Update Pricing/inventory. See example


4.5: Fill out the remaining info below and select “Create” at the top right.


STEP 5: Create sizes, color or types.

5.1: Go to Options, click on + Add Option


5.2: Fill in the General tab. In this case it is Size.


5.3: Check the Required box and choose “Diplay message” for Missing variants handling.

5.4: Fill the Variants tab with the options you want. In this case, it is Small, Medium and Large


STEP 6: Go to Variations and select + Add Variations


6.1: Select the variation from the list you created in Options and select “Add variations"


STEP 7: Go to Shipping Properties and fill out the shipping info. This is very important for billing buyers with the right shipping fee. See example below.

7.1: Ensure the weight for the product is accurate.

7.2: Ensure Box length, Box width, Box height is accurate.


STEP 8: Select Save when done with any settings.

STEP 9: For more info on adding and managing products visit:


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